Baking: Savoury

Raisin & cranberry brittle

Crushed over ice cream or put in jars as a gift, this raisin & cranberry brittle is sure to be a treat


1 Cup Safari cashew & macadamia mix - chopped
1 Cup Raisin & cranberry mix
2 Cups castor sugar


Spray a baking tin with non-stick spray and spread the chopped nuts, raisins & cranberries evenly over the bottom.  Heat a non-stick pan and add the castor sugar.  As soon as the sugar starts to melt, swirl the pan until the sugar has dissolved.  Remove pan from the heat immediately and pour over the nut & fruit mix.  Let it cool completely.  Brake into shards and sprinkle over ice cream or place in a glass jar to use as a hostess gift.