Vegetables & Side Dishes

Fruity lamb Pinwheels

Recipe from: Nina Timm


1 x 250 g Safari Fruit Salad - remove pips from the prunes
8 deboned lamb chops or lamb flank strips - ask your butcher
a little olive oil
juice of half lemon
Any BBQ spice that you have - I love a coriander, salt, pepper and paprika mix


Take a prune, peach and pear and make a little fruit stack. Roll the meat strips or chop around the fruit and secure with a skewer. Repeat the process with all the meat and you have two meat portions on each skewer. Rub the meat with olive oil and a little lemon juice and season with the spice of your choice. Grill in a griddle pan until cooked or braai over medium coals. Serve on Brown Rice with Dried Fruit.