Baking: Savoury

Ideas with Prunes

Recipe from: SAFARI A fruity little cookbook


Safari Prunes


Steam large prunes in a colander over hot water until soft. Let it cool, then cut one end open with a sharp knife and remove stones. Fill with one of the following mixtures.

Finely crushed yellow of a hardboiled egg mixed with a little chutney, a pinch of curry and mayonnaise.

Chopped ham, onions, sweet pepper and a little mayonnaise.

Cheese spread (or finely grated cheddar cheese), grated onion and Worcester sauce.

Cream cheese and chopped celery diluted with a little milk.

Cottage cheese mixed with seafood mayonnaise and garnished with shrimps.

Fill with cheese squares, pickled onions or a nut.

Twist a strip of bacon or a strip of dough around prune and roast or bake it just before serving. Fix bacon with a toothpick.