No-bake Treats

Apricot Sorbet

Recipe from: SAFARI A fruity little cookbook


250 ml water
125 ml sugar
4 ml gelatine, softened in 12.5 ml water
250 ml Safari Apricots, stewed and processed into a pulp
juice of a lemon
an egg white
125 ml fresh cream (optional)


Heat water and sugar till sugar dissolves. Boil together for 5 minutes and allow to cool. Add gelatine and stir till dissolved.

Leave to cool but do not leave to set and add apricot purée, lemon juice and stiffly whisked egg white. Add cream to the mixture.

Pour into container and freeze.

When half frozen (not yet set). Whisk with an electric beater to dissolve ice crystals. Put back into freezer and let it freeze.


4 6 portions

If cream is added the sorbet will be creamier. If cream is left out the result will be a more icy sorbet.

In the same way a peach sorbet may be made. Use peaches instead of apricots.