Baking: Sweet

Boston Loaf

Recipe from: Moir’s Cupcake Revolution booklet


125 g Safari Pitted Dates, finely chopped
125 g Safari Currants
180 ml golden syrup
100 ml oil
5 ml Moir’s bicarbonate of soda
250 ml boiling water
1 extra-large egg
125 ml sugar
330 ml Sasko cake flour
330 ml maize meal
5 ml Moir’s baking powder
5 ml mixed spice
2 ml salt


Measure dates, currants, syrup, oil and bicarbonate of soda into bowl. Pour boiling water over these ingredients and leave to cool.

Beat egg and sugar until sugar has dissolved. Add to the cooled syrup mixture. Mix dry ingredients and stir in.

Pour into a large 30 cm x 11 cm greased loaf tin. Bake in a preheated oven at 170° C for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Cool in tin.

Turn out and place in an airtight container. Leave bread to stand for a day or two to “ripen”.

Serve with sweet almond butter.

Sweet almond butter

Beat together 125 g softened butter with 60 ml castor sugar, 1 ml Moir’s almond essence and 60 ml ground Safari Almonds until light and creamy.

Serve with slices of Boston loaf.

Makes 1 loaf