No-bake Treats


Recipe from: Moir’s Sweet Temptations booklet


125 ml condensed milk
60 ml cream
60 ml water
200 g Moir’s desiccated coconut
4 Safari Fruit Rolls (mango)
4 Safari Fruit Sticks (pear)
40 g Sugarbird glacé figs or melon, thinly sliced


Mix the condensed milk, cream and water together in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, stirring continuously. Add the coconut and continue to stir until the coconut turns a slight yellow colour and looks like overcooked rice. Allow this mixture to cool completely.

Unroll a fruit roll and place on a sushi mat. Divide the coconut mixture into four and using one quarter per fruit roll, press an even layer of the coconut mixture on top of the fruit rolls. Press down firmly.

Place a fruit stick and fig or melon pieces at the top quarter of the roll. Shape like sushi using the mat. Chill in the fridge before cutting into pieces with a sharp knife.

Serving: Colour 30 ml coconut with green food colouring and slice a glacé pear into thin slices. Use when serving as your “wasabi” and “preserved ginger” decoration.

Makes ± 40 pieces

 Use other flavoured fruit rolls and fruit sticks instead. Cover your sushi mat with cling wrap to prevent coconut from sticking to it.