Healthy Good Taste

Seedless Raisins

Dried Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

Healthy alternative to bowl of cereal

The tasty fuel for your day.


30 g SAFARI pitted prunes
30 g SAFARI pitted dates
25 g SAFARI seedless raisins
1 rooibos tea bag
80 ml boiling water
1 ml vanilla extract
2 ml ground cinnamon
5- 15 ml honey according to taste
80 ml low fat milk
125 ml low fat plain yoghurt


Place the SAFARI pitted prunes, SAFARI pitted dates and seedless raisins into a bowl.

Add the rooibos tea bag  and  the 80 ml of the  boiling water .

Allow to stand for 5 minutes and then remove and discard the tea bag.

Allow the dried fruit mixture to cool.

Pour the mixture into a plastic beaker, with the vanilla, cinnamon , honey and milk.

Use a stick blender to puree the mixure .

Add the yoghurt and blitz  for another 30 seconds




serves 2

Replace rooibos tea with 80 ml apple juice.

For a complete breakfast on the run , blend 25 ml oat bran and a small banana if desired.