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Triangular Cheesecake

This easy cheesecake was very popular in the 90's and will still delight the family and guests! You will require tin foil for the assembly.


15 Moir's Tea Lovers Biscuits
2 x 250 g cream cheese
125 ml castor sugar
100 ml Safari Fruit Mince
10 – 12 Moir's Glacé Cherries
100 ml cream
100 g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
100 ml Safari Flaked Almonds, toasted
some Moir's Maraschino Cherries


Place a large double layer of foil (about 40 cm) on a working surface. Arrange the biscuits on the foil in five rows of three biscuits each.


Mix together the cream cheese, castor sugar and fruit mince. Spread evenly over the biscuits then arrange the glacé cherries in a single row on the five biscuits in the centre. Now bring the long sides of the foil together to form a triangle, the biscuits on the outside and the filling inside. Fold the foil firmly into a seam on top of the triangle and place in the fridge to firm.


For the topping, heat the cream in a small saucepan and add the chocolate. Remove from heat and allow chocolate to melt before stirring well. Set aside to cool and thicken slightly.   


To finish and serve, remove the cheesecake from the fridge, remove the foil and place the cheesecake on a serving platter or board. Drizzle with the chocolate sauce, sprinkle with the almonds and garnish with Marachino cherries, dipped in some chocolate topping. 


1 cake serves 8


Replace the cream cheese with 500 ml ice cream and omit the sugar as the ice cream is already sweet.